Amerplast Reclosability

For ideal convenience

Amerplast has been manufacturing reclosable packaging since the 1960s. We are experts in making consumers’ lives easier with easy-to-use packaging solutions that are more than just a cover for the packaged product. Today’s consumers are more demanding when it comes to packaging and we know how to meet their expectations.


When packing groceries, confectionery or even electronics and spare parts, easy reclosability and reusability are often essential. Amerplast provides ideal solutions for your packaging needs. Select the well-known and easy-to-use Minigrip®, a truly timeless classic. Or go with our zipper bags if you need even stronger reclosability and versatile printing options. We also provide our customers with different tape-sealing solutions.



Our Minigrip bags have become a classic. Their versatility and durability, and the fact that they can be printed or written on, has seen them being used everywhere: from the home to industry and a multitude of other applications.


The secret to the success of the Minigrip lies in its grip – which is perfect for repeated opening and closing and is completely leak proof – and its highly durable polyethylene composition. Standard Minigrip bags come in a wide range of sizes.


Zipper it


If you require an even stronger reclosable closure and a greater range of printing options, we recommend our zipper packaging. As the closure is attached to the film after printing, we can print zipper products in up to eight colors.


Tape it


Our tape bags, sealed with adhesive or other tape, are ideal for postal use or packaging textile products, for example – and offer a cost-effective and efficient way to accelerate manual packing processes. We can also include a hanging hook and a side pocket for documents. High-quality printing is available in up to eight colors.

Amerplast tape bag