Perfotec microperforation for fresh food packaging


Perfotec – revolution in fresh food and product packaging

Increase your products freshness with sensational new packaging technology and reduce waste and cost. Perfotec has developed a revolutionary technique that advances the shelf life of fresh produce. Amerplast and Perfotec BV are in cooperation to offer this world leading technology for customers in Scandinavia and in eastern Europe.

The base of the innovation is a specialized equipment that measures the respiration rates of fresh produce like fresh cut salads, fruits and vegetable. Its unique software calculates the required film permeability for allowing optimal respiration of the produce for achieving longer life cycle once it is packaged. PerfoTec’s patented Laser Perforation System then uses this information to adapt the film permeability through precise micro perforation. An integrated camera inspects each micro perforation diameter and shape.


Sustainable solution

With PerfoTec technology it is possible for retailers to reduce drastically the amount of waste. On top of the important reduction in waste it also leads to a reduction in cost and an increase in sales.


Amerplast markets PerfoTec’s unique technology and equipment as an integrated system along with its high performing flexible packaging film. With a heritage in high performance fresh produce packaging, Amerplast offers a high level of expertise in the sector.


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