Amerplast Laminates

Laminated films for protection and strong visuals

Our laminated films offer strong and stylish solutions for a wide range of products that require protection and special properties. An attractive appearance for the packages is ensured with high-quality printing and advanced printing solutions.


By creatively combining different materials, coatings, and colors, we make sure your products stand out from your competition. Laminated structures also offer additional possibilities for laser-perforated solutions such as easy open packaging. By choosing convenient and easy-to-use Amerplast packaging for your products, you will increase customer satisfaction, which will have a positive impact on your business.

Amerplast is an expert in lamination. We produce multilayer laminated films for a range of product applications using a solvent-free process and high-quality adhesives. Our product development know-how covers the entire lamination process, and we can offer solutions for a wide variety of different customer requirements and packing facilities. Our lamination expertise gives packaging very attractive visuals, high-quality surfaces, and excellent protection against wear and tear and chemical damage. We can process a wide range of materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, EVOH, PET or paper.

Laminated films offer our customers not only the required protection for products, but also attractive visuals with different textures and visual effects. For example our matt and paper laminates provide you with a way of creating an earthly feeling for your packaging or to create a totally different image with metallic effects. Whatever the desired image for your product and brand is, we provide you with the solutions. We are also able to increase the convenience of your laminated packaging with AmerLaser™ perforation for easy-open solutions without damaging the barrier properties of your packaging.