Amerplast Labels

Maximise the appeal of your products

Enhance the appeal of your bottles with our wrap-around labels. You can use them for everything from beverages – such as soft drinks, juice, beer, mineral water and dairy products – to liquid detergents. Our carefully selected materials are fully recyclable and usable in food packaging.


Combining our high performance films with advanced printing solutions of the highest quality, we ensure that your products make an impression on the store shelves. Consumers often make purchase decisions based on the packaging, which makes it important to maximize the appeal of your product labels. This will be achieved by joint innovation and design processes.

Strong and cost-effective labels


Our wrap-around labels offer excellent strength and cost-efficiency for smooth and contoured bottles. The reel-fed BOPP labels resist tearing and moisture very well, ensuring that your products will always look amazing. Our labels can also be shrink-wrapped to fit virtually any bottle, jar or container sent through a reel-fed line.


Our labels are easy to separate from PET bottles, which makes the bottles easy to refill and recycle. This also reduces their environmental impact. Furthermore, our labels perform very well on the latest high-speed lines – enabling you to reach capacities of 50,000 bottles per hour. What’s more, with continuous down-gauging, we can include more labels on each reel and thus reduce line downtimes.


Amerplast is a certified supplier with well-trained personnel for DPG – Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH packaging.

Make an amazing impact


In addition to large product runs, our wrap-around labels are also suitable for special promotions and other limited runs. This is made possible by special effects using fluorescent and temperature-sensitive inks. Reverse printing and other effects, such as matt, pearlized, and embossed coatings, as well as holograms and paper wrap-around labels, can also be used to increase the appeal of your products. See-through window labels are an eye-catching solution that imitate a 3D effect. Furthermore, you can make special campaigns more visible using our AmerPromo™ coding system including QR and Data Matrix codes as well as Ink Jet coding.


Double-sided printing – one side with up to nine colors and the other with one – enables your products to stand out from the competition. Choose exactly the transparency, gloss or high opacity you want from a wide range of clear, white, matt and metallized films.


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