Sustainable Green PE

Enhance your packagings’ sustainability – choose Green PE

Today’s consumers are aware of product’s environmental impacts. This extends also to products’ packaging, which is valued to be sustainable as well. Amerplast’s partnership with Braskem enables us to offer you a sustainable and innovative alternative to your packaging needs while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Green PE is especially suitable for consumer tissue and hygiene packaging solutions.

While environmentally sustainable, Green PE has the performance characteristics of a traditional PE. For Amerplast’s customers such as tissue producers, it offers an environmentally sound alternative for meeting their packaging needs.
Green PE is produced using ethanol, a by-product in sugar production. It contains no fossil raw materials and can be recycled in existing recycling streams. Green PE however has the same quality and technical characteristics as conventional oil based polyethylene. Sugar cane in turn is a 100 % renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource. Braskem’s Green PE removes up to 2.15 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton produced, from cradle to Braskem’s gate (source: LCA study by E4tech & LCA Works).


Think about tomorrow and choose Green PE for your flexible packaging.