Amerplast films

High-performance packaging begins with high-performance film

Whether you are packing food, goods or liquids, Amerplast’s high-performance films are the perfect choice for your products. Our films are designed to meet the highest quality and product safety requirements. Thanks to our own research and development, we are able to find the perfect solution for each product without forgetting environmentally friendly solutions.


We make use of the latest in extrusion technology and work with raw material and machine suppliers, as well as research institutes, to ensure that our solutions offer excellent performance and strength, usability in a wide range of machines, and top-quality printing. This enables us to help you speed up your production processes, minimize waste, and produce better products.

Our films are made from high quality raw materials and our R&D department is continuously searching for new solutions and films that work ever more efficiently in our customer’s production. In addition to standard films like polyethylene and polypropylene, we offer a wide range of specialty films with unique feel, look and special features.


Our specialty films


  • Green PE films
  • PE film with up to and over 90% recycled material
  • AmerFeel™ – comfortable matt surface
  • AmerSoft™ – pleasant soft-touch feel
  • AmerView™ – visibility for your products


In addition to first-class films, printing expertise has always been one of Amerplast’s key strengths. This has been instrumental in giving our customers a true taste of what we mean when we talk about high quality. Our in-house prepress is an integrated part of our printing process. This brings flexibility and the best possible end results for our customer’s design.


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