Bags & Pouches

Amerplast Bags & Pouches

Pre-made bags and pouches

Amerplast has over 60 years of experience in bag making and we have developed many unique and innovative specialty bag solutions over the years, such as AmerThermo® thermo bags and AmerChain® system bags. We customize bags and pouches according to every product’s individual needs, making them efficient, easy to use and beautiful to look at.


Our bags and pouches are suitable for a wide range of products, from the hygiene and food industries to the packaging of spare parts or the transportation of money and other valuables. You are able to choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and additional features such as reclosability, perforation, stickers, promotional codes or stand-up pouches.

Our different features include:


  • Carrier bags
  • Wicket bags
  • Stand-up pouches
  • AmerThermo® thermo bags
  • AmerSafe® security bags
  • AmerChain® system bags
  • AmerMail™ mailing bags
  • AmerNet™ bags with PE net
  • AmerLaser™ laser perforation
  • Reclosability: tapes, Minigrip® and Zipper
  • Hooks
  • Stickers
  • Bar codes and RFID tags
  • Document pockets
  • AmerPromo™ promotional codes
  • Advanced printing solutions

We are a market leader in retail packaging in Finland. We manufacture carrier bags containing more than 90% recycled material. We are also the biggest bakery wicket bag producer in Europe.


We have developed unique carrier and specialty bag solutions like AmerThermo® insulation bags. Our specialty bags can also be delivered as a system in combination with Amerplast’s own packaging machine AmerChain®.