Amerplast AmerView

Enhanced visibility for your product

When you want to give consumers a good look at the product they are buying, but still want to take the advantage of the design and printing opportunities offered by color packaging, as well as keep things fresh, AmerView™ is the perfect solution for you. The transparent window of AmerView™ bags and AmerViewWeb™ films is great for showing off your delicious products. The stylish window can be produced in a variety of rounded shapes.

AmerView™ bags preserve the freshness of bakery products better than traditional paper bags or even plastic-coated paper bags. This is convenient for the consumer and better for the environment, since the bread does not need to be moved to a plastic bag at home to keep it from drying out. What’s more, micro-perforation enables you to pack your bread hot, guaranteeing a delicious, crispy crust. With various perforation options you can turn both wrap film and bags into easy-to-open packs.

AmerView™ bags can be manufactured from multilayer polyethylene or polypropylene film. Innovative AmerFeel™ film with an attractive matt surface offers additional possibilities, as it can be combined with other film materials, depending on your needs.


AmerView™ and AmerViewWeb™ offer excellent machinability, enabling you to operate your high-speed lines at high capacity utilization levels. Additionally, our versatile AmerViewWeb™ films are suitable for both vertical pack and flowpack machines without separate adjustments to the packaging line.