AmerTouch paperlike printing

AmerTouch™ – Sense the freshness in the packaging

The new AmerTouch™ finishing method combines the best features of plastic and the feeling of natural paper. The AmerTouch™ has a unique rough surface and this effect can be created on any film substrate like for example to PE, CPP and OPP film. For bakery bags AmerTouch offers paperlike and natural feeling, still keeping the bread fresh and soft.

AmerTouch™ is a new finishing technique that creates the soft, rough and natural feeling to packaging. As the packaging can be sensed like a paper, so AmerTouch™ fits to artisan type of breads for example. The method offers the designer the possibility to play with different kind of surfaces: matt, shiny, glossy and even metallic. This way the packaging can draw attention in the store shelves and add sales. The packing can also contain windows in the shape and size wished. AmerTouch™ is a flexible solution offering many implementing variations. You can also add promotional coding and qr-codes to packaging and thus increase interaction with consumers and create loyalty.


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AmerTouch Sense