High–quality, soft touch feeling to your packaging

If you wish to create a natural, luxury and high-quality image for your product, Amerplast’s AmerSoft™ films are a perfect way to create this effect. AmerSoft™ film’s matt surface gives a pleasant soft touch feeling and a stylish look. This solution fits perfectly with luxurious hygiene products and the packaging of high quality, organic food, for example. Combined with attractive design and printing, it instantly creates a feeling of a product that is a cut above its rivals in the consumer’s hands.

Packaging materials that have a unique look and feel make the products stand out on the store shelf and create desirable images of the brand.


AmerSoft™ is based either on matt PE, matt OPP or matt PET, depending on the needs of the end use. Whether your products require superior film softness, higher stiffness or higher heat resistance combined with a matt effect, we have the perfect AmerSoft™ solution for you. Matt lacquer can be used in applications where a partial matt effect and matt/glossy contrast is required.

Amerplast AmerSoft