Amerplast AmerPromo

More visibility for your campaigns

Promotional campaigns are a more and more widely-used way of increasing sales and enhancing customer experience. We are able to incorporate promotional campaigns with your packaging in a cost-efficient way.


You can make special campaigns more visible using our AmerPromo™ coding system. AmerPromo™ code helps you to highlight special campaigns and enhance the appeal of your products. The code is randomly generated, and is printed individually to each piece of packaging. These codes can be applied to every packaging type we manufacture.

AmerPromo™ codes


AmerPromo™ provides many opportunities for promotions, campaigns and games. It is a convenient choice for the brand owner to organize campaigns easily with low costs, and for consumers to participate in the campaign without collecting separate badges and sending them by mail.


The code is hidden inside the packaging. Therefore, consumers must buy and open the product to find out whether they have won anything. AmerPromo™ is available for both food and non-food packaging. As AmerPromo™ is printed in the inner layers of film, it ensures packaging hygiene in food packaging as well.

Other codes


2D codes like QR codes and data matrix codes are widely applied in everyday life, mainly due to the large amount of information they contain in a relatively small area. Codes are widely used for marketing purposes and promotional campaigns.


These codes are also interesting solutions in terms of traceability in supply chains – such as protection against mistakes on production lines by encoding the SAP number, graphics name, etc. for each version of the final packaging. These codes can be applied to every piece of packaging we manufacture. Tell us about your needs and wishes. Let’s create togehter perfect solution for you!