Amerplast AmerNet

When freshness and visibility matter

Fruit and vegetables need to be fresh and in their best condition when arriving in the hands of consumers. This sets special requirements for packaging in terms of protection and the right breathability. Consumers also want to see the fresh products they are buying in order to be assured of the quality.


Our AmerNet™ packaging solution combines excellent product visibility with freshness of the packed product. AmerNet™ is a combination of film and net. The filmic part can be printed with high-quality printing, which makes it possible to join product visibility together with your brand.

AmerNet™ is excellent choice for the packaging of fresh products like potatoes, carrots, onions or fruit, where visibility and freshness mean everything. Packaging offers you strong visuals to maximize your brand’s shelf impact as well as the improved quality of your fresh products.

It can be delivered in reels, V-folded film or as premade wicket bags. Reel material can be converted on standard VFFS packaging lines.