Amerplast AmerLaser

Increase the convenience and functionality of your packaging

High-quality packaging promotes high-quality products. When creating your product brand, packaging plays a key part and use convenience is as important as the looks of your packaging. Usability can be enhanced with AmerLaser™ laser-perforated easy-open solutions or by creating a package that is ready to be microwaved. AmerLaser™ also provides a wide range of solutions for air release and micro-perforation for controlled breathability.

Easy and direction-controlled opening


Ease up the opening of your packaging with AmerLaser™ laser perforation. Packaging can be opened easily and in a controlled way and the size and form of perforation can be adjusted according to your needs. With perforated opening you will increase the convenience of your packaging.

Micro perforation for controlled permeability


Right permeability (breathability) is essential when packing fresh food products. Get acquianted with our new Perfotec microperforation system. Game changing novelty technology extends fresh products shelf life and thus decreases waste.

Microperforation can also be used for packaging applications suitable for microwave to release the steam from the bag for example. Contact our sales and we’ll tell you more!