AmerGreen – Green flexible packaging solutions

AmerGreen - Green flexible packaging solutions
Amerplast is taking the leading position in the transformation of flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business.

At Amerplast, we see no reasons to delay the transformation of the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business. We do not buy the notion that customers have to make a choice between Green packaging and profits.  We believe that what is good for the environment is good for the business.  Each and every one of us has to leave behind a better place to live. This is the Finnish Sustainability model, a pragmatic step-by-step approach to making sustainable and timely progress on all fronts.


AmerGreen is our quest for a better world.  It has three key components.  Firstly, we want to achieve a reduction in food waste by delivering the best flexible packaging system that extends the shelf life of food products in a natural way. Secondly, we want to progressively convert our PE materials to PE from renewable resources.  Thirdly, we want to partner with local Governments, city councils and retailers to design flexible packaging solutions that are reusable and completely integrated in a circular economy.

Reducing food waste


Despite best farming practices, cold chain and transportation infrastructures, food waste continues to be a significant issue from delivery to retail to consumption also in the developed world. The AmerFresh Packaging System can reduce waste by up to 50%. It represents a great sustainable packaging solution for fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, contributing to reduced food waste and a better environment.



AmerFresh reducing food waste

Reducing CO2 emissions


Plastic films made of PE from renewable biomass resources are significantly better for the environment than traditional oil based polyethylene. This Green PE has the same physical properties and application versatility as traditional PE, and is chemically identical. Also, the production of Green PE does not add to greenhouse gases, but actually reduces CO2 emissions instead.



Amergrip reducing CO2 emissions

Using recycled material


We design packaging solutions that are made out of recycled material and are meant to be reused. We manufacture carrier bags that are made up to 95% of recycled material. This is what we call circular economy at work. Retailers play a major role in our circular economy and are key business partners for Amerplast and the local community.



AmerGreen circular economy