Amerplast AmerFeel

Packaging with a pleasant touch

AmerFeel™ is distinctive film for food and hygiene products that creates a charming, natural look and feel for the packaging. The special feature of the AmerFeel™ film is its comfortable rough surface. This innovative material stands out as a delightfully different packaging solution on the store shelf or in the freezer. AmerFeel® has been especially popular in bakery packaging because of its natural look that fits well with naturally-produced breads, for example.

AmerFeel™ is a multilayer film. A wide range of films is available and can be combined with other plastic materials as laminates. Using different film combinations, Amerplast can pay more attention to the requirements that food and hygiene products are demanding from their packaging. In this way, the freezability of the film can be highlighted, for example.


The possibility to print in the transparent AmerView™ window brings added value to your customer’s product. AmerFeel™ itself is ideally suited for soft design elements and natural colors.

AmerFeel™ products are manufactured as ready-made bags or film. The film is suitable for different packaging needs from manual packaging to automatic packaging lines.