AmerChain® Packaging machine

Amerplast AmerChain

All-in-one solution system packaging

Amerplast is known for its versatile packages and for the diversity and properties of the packaging materials it uses. AmerChain® combines the industry-leading performance of Amerplast’s system packaging with an advanced packaging machine – giving you the new generation of all-in-one solutions. This flexible and cost-efficient solution is ideal for packing everything from food to electronics and pharmaceuticals, in medium or small runs. If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective yet high-quality system packaging solution to start packing, simply choose AmerChain®.


With low start-up and running costs, AmerChain® offers a great alternative to manual packing or larger, more expensive packaging lines. It provides you with flexibility and speed and enables you to get the most out of our materials.

A perfect match


The AmerChain® packaging machine is flexible and effective in production. Package types and sizes can be changed quickly and easily. This means that you can always stay on top of your needs – even when working with small runs and anything weighing up to 10 kg.


The AmerChain® machine also enables you to add on features, such as support conveyors, ink-jet systems, and thermal transfer systems whenever you need them. We can also offer you our total packaging concept that also includes automatic filling equipment. With a single easy-to-use solution, you can now fill your bags and seal them in a continuous chain process.

Suitable for numerous applications


AmerChain® is very flexible in the range of applications it will work with. So, whether you are talking dry or frozen food, powders, pet food, or liquids like detergents, AmerChain® will deliver. Take stand-up pouches, for example, which are set to become increasingly popular in the future. Or laminated bags featuring different types of closures. They all work perfectly with AmerChain®.

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