Amerplast Amer3D

Easy and cost efficient designing

We want to be part of the packaging development process at an early stage to help you find the best packaging solutions for your products. Designing a new package is a process that requires both time and money. We are helping our customers to speed up their designing process and to make it more cost efficient by offering them our expertise and a helpful tool – Amer3D™ – for the design process.


Amer3D™ is a great way to create three-dimensional packages that can be rotated on the computer screen. You can ensure that all the details associated with the printing and packaging structure are combined without errors and implemented in a finished package just the way they were designed.

Amer3D™ speeds up the design and decision-making process and product launch by making the package designing more cost effective. You can also place the 3D model in a shelf-ready package, pallet or even a virtual sales environment such as a retail store shelf. That way you are able to see how the designed package would work in a realistic sales environment and competitive situation.

Brainstorming, comparing, and testing new alternatives is easy without expensive prototypes. Testing different effects and printing options is easy. 3D visualization allows you to test packaging in different lighting, for example. By using Amer3D™ in the design process, you are able to focus your energy and resources only on what is important.