Advanced printing

Amerplast Advanced printing

Make an unforgettable impact with advanced printing

We offer a wide range of different flexoprinting solutions for flexible packaging. Packaging is one of the best advertising opportunities for products and brands and we help you to make the most of this space by creating printing that really stands out. When we take part in your packaging development process at an early stage, we are able to present you with many different printing solutions that create additional value to your product brand.

Our advanced printing solutions


HD flexographic printing


HD flexographic printing means ever better printing quality thanks to a new process of making digital flexographic plates. HD plates enable a higher quality print outlook. Printing quality is better compared to traditional flexographic printing plates. By using these plates we are able to perform high-resolution printing to your packaging.


FTD (Flat Top Dot) flexographic printing


FTD is an advanced HD-printing technology to create even more detailed flexographic printing. FTD plates have a positive effect on color strength. Shades are stronger, ink laydown is more even, and the pinhole effect, which can occur with standard plates, is avoided.


Continuous printing


We are also able to print with continuous printing. This means an unbreakable printing process without printing plate seams visible in the printing.


Both sides printing


Both sides printing is a very interesting solution for marketing campaigns, when there is no space for additional information or instructions for consumers on the front side of packaging. This has been used as a solution by the beverage industry, for example.




Holograms are an exciting effect in packaging. This can be used to attract consumers’ attention and giving the products a luxury look.


Glossy and matt varnishes


Glossy lacquers will improve the glossiness of a product. It will also protect the product from scratches like any other cover lacquers. Matt lacquers will give a nice, soft touch, and a paper effect to the product. When you are looking for an interesting pop-out effect, choose a combination of both matt and glossy lacquers.




Pearlescents are used in printing to create shiny, pearl-like effects. Many different shades of pearlescent pigments are available. This creates a luxury look to your packaging.




Fluorescent inks are also known as neon colors. They will bring a striking effect to your products and make them stand out on the store shelf.


Metallic inks/ color shades


We provide our customers with different grades of metallic printing effects, from traditional gold and silver to metallic colors of your choice. Even a mirror effect is available.


Scent inks


Scents can be incorporated into inks. Scent will last for some time and can be reactivated by rubbing or scratching the ink surface. There are several standard scents available and even your own perfumes can be incorporated.


Thermo-chromatic inks


Thermo-chromatic inks will change their properties, like color, according to temperature. The effect is available as reversible (it reacts to all temperature changes) or non-reversible (once it reaches the expected temperature the ink changes the shade permanently).


UV visible inks


UV visible inks are visible under UV light. This is an effect that can be used on Labels, for example. It will make beverage bottles look different in nightclubs, for example, in order to generate an impressive look for your product.


“Scratch” ink


Scratch ink is a perfect solution for marketing campaigns. The general idea is to hide a numerical code under the scratch ink layer. The end user is then able to scratch the ink layer off and not damage the code under the ink.