Amerplast AmerSafe

Safe transportation and storing

Whether you are in retail, banking, health care, security and courier operations, or business, our AmerSafe® security bags are ideal for keeping your money, documents, and other valuables safe – in transit or at your location. When transporting money, documents or other valuables, security and efficiency are of prime concern. Our AmerSafe® security bags are easy to use and any attempt to break into the bag can be seen instantly. Consecutive numbering and barcodes individualize each bag and tear-off receipts make the bags easy to track.

The full-width adhesive tape and the printed seam around the other edges of an AmerSafe® bag means that any attempt to break into it can be seen instantly. Unauthorized opening and resealing simply cannot be hidden.


A combination of indicators hidden in the security tape, consecutive numbering repeated on perforated tear-off receipts, and bar codes give the bags a unique identity and prevent them from getting mixed up or falling into the wrong hands.

AmerSafe® bags are made of special polyethylene film, to provide excellent durability, reliability, and resistance to humidity.


You can choose between standard sizes or custom sizes for larger orders. High-quality printing options range from two colors on standard bags to eight colors. See the specific technical facts >>

Leakproof – nothing gets in or out

AmerSafe® bags provide excellent protection for their contents, and excellent protection for the people who handle them as well. This is particularly important in the case of sensitive items that require special care.

AmerSafe® security bags are ideal for transporting diagnostic specimens, for example, in accordance with regulations for transporting hazardous goods.

Durability, reliability, and resistance to humidity come as standard with AmerSafe® products, which are officially approved by bodies such as the Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) and Polish Forensic Association.

Durability – designed for the rough and tumble

AmerSafe® security bags are manufactured from strong, multilayer coextruded film, which gives them excellent durability, reliability, and resistance to humidity – and light weight.

The full-width adhesive along the top of AmerSafe® bags and the strong printed seam around the other edges provides hard-wearing protection. Thanks to the large range of different sizes available, you can be sure of finding the one best suited to your needs, eliminating the need to use other, potentially less safe packaging to handle heavy loads.

For those heavy loads, choose a handle model AmerSafe® coin bag, which can safely carry up to 15 kilograms – ideal for transporting large amounts of coins, jewellery, precious metals, legal evidences, or valuable Instruments.