Amerplast AmerMail

AmerMail™ delivers your brand to your customer’s front door

Mailing bags are an important part of your brand in eCommerce. The bag’s durability, usability, design and the overall look affects the brand image. It is very important to create a consistent chain of visuality from your online store all the way to the customer. Mailing bags are a great advertising space for companies and our excellent printing quality will get your brand noticed.


Our AmerMail™ tape bags are ideal for eCommerce mailing. These bags offer you a cost-effective way to speed up the manual packing process. Sealing the bags is effortless. Just remove the strip protecting the tape and close the bag.

We manufacture AmerMail™ bags based on your needs and measurements and we tailor the bags to meet the intended use. In addition to custom-made products, we offer stock mailing bags that will be delivered to you straight from our warehouse with a short delivery time.


The packing of AmerMail™ bags is easy and you are able to modify the bag size to suit the size of each packed product. Different kinds of closing features, stickers and document pockets can be added to the bags.

AmerMail™ bags are developed to meet the requirements of demanding mailing. They are being used in eCommerce thanks to their formability and versatility.