Security & Mailing bags

Making things more efficient and secure

When transporting money, documents or other valuables, security and efficiency are a necessity. Our AmerSafe® security bags are easy to use and any attempt to break into the bag can be seen instantly. Banks, security and courier companies and public institutions like hospitals and the police trust our security bags for secure and trackable deliveries and storing. We customize security bags according to your needs and company brand. This ensures that you get the optimal functionality designed especially for your needs and also makes your brand visible.


Mailing bags are an important part of your brand in eCommerce. Their durability, usability, design and overall look affects your brand image. It is very important to create a consistent chain of visuality from your online store all the way to the customer. Our AmerMail™ tape bags are ideal for eCommerce mailing and will deliver your brand to your customers’ home. Customized mailing bags that are appealing, functional and easy to use create additional value not only for you but for your customers.

AmerSafe® security bags


Amerplast’s AmerSafe® security bags are an ideal solution for storing and transporting money, documents, and valuables – whether you are a shop, bank, a security or courier company, a hotel, or a hospital. They are also excellent for use at airports.


Any attempt to break into an AmerSafe® bag can be seen instantly. Unauthorized opening and resealing simply cannot be hidden – thanks to a range of safety features.

AmerMail™ mailing bags


Our tape bags, sealed with adhesive or other tape, are ideal for postal use. AmerMail™ tape bags offer a cost-effective and efficient way to accelerate manual packing processes. Sealing is just a matter of removing the protective strip and pressing the edges together.