Carrier bags

Carrierbags made in Finland

Packaging that stands out grabs consumers’ attention

Amerplast’s t-shirt and iisi carrier bags are made in Finland and they are ideal general-purpose shopping bags as they are durable and capable of carrying heavy loads. They are easy to carry and perfect for repeated use. We take environmental issues into account and manufacture bags containing more than 95% recycled materials. In addition to general-purpose shopping bags, we manufacture durable and stylish bags for specialized shopping needs and smaller purchases such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and small items of clothing. All carrier bags are manufactured in Finland, in our Tampere carrier bag factory.


Our unique competence, know-how and experience in high-quality printing and bag making, combined with our experience and knowledge of retailing, has made Amerplast a leading supplier of carrier bags in Finland.

T-shirt carrier bags are typically the bag of choice for day-to-day food shopping, for example, and can be used with a variety of rack and fastening solutions. Their high-quality surface is great for advertising and logos. In our retail carrier bags, we strive to use recycled material whenever possible and are able to manufacture bags containing more than 95% recycled materials.

Iisi carrier bags are an ideal choice for carrying larger purchases. In addition to making life easier for the consumer, their extra size offers retailers more space for promoting their brands and messages. The shape of iisi bags also means that advertising remains highly visible, even when the bags are being carried.


For special retailing needs

Cut-out carrier bags and loop handle bags are primarily intended for the needs of specialty retailing, particularly clothing shops and boutiques. These bags offer large, uninterrupted surfaces for printing in up to eight colors that can extend from edge to edge.


We can supply cut-out carrier bags in a wide selection of sizes, with or without a bottom gusset and with different types of hand holds, enabling you to adopt a single-format approach for all your carrier bag needs. Loop handle bags have an attractive and strong handle in white or transparent polyethylene

Carrying smaller purchases

Our multipurpose blocked bags are perfect for small purchases, such as cosmetics, medicines, CDs, and small items of clothing. Thanks to their perforation, consumers can tear off one or more bags easily. Blocked bags are available in multicolor printing.

Amerplast blocked bag