AmerThermo® – greater convenience for consumers

AmerThermo® is an insulation solution for carrying hot and cold products. The bag is perfect for carrying frozen goods, ice creams, hot or cold beverages and hot grilled products from store to home. Those products which are sensitive to cold, such as flowers, salads and herbs, also keep better when packed in an AmerThermo® bag. The bag can be sealed and opened again and again, which makes it perfect for repeated use.


The bags are sold in Finnish retail stores and have been a great success. AmerThermo® bags are also a popular solution for promotional gifts during seasonal campaigns or as an advertising tool for companies like household appliance companies, breweries or flower retailers and gardens.

Due to its strong zipper closure, the bag is easy to open and close repeatedly. The bag is simple to fold up and take along when shopping next time due to its soft closure.  AmerThermo® also keeps the aromas of packaged goods, such as grilled products, inside the bag.


AmerThermo® is manufactured from polyethylene film, which is suitable for food contact. The closure and plastic foam with microcellular construction inside the bag are also made from polyethylene, so the bag is recyclable. All AmerThermo® products are manufactured in Finland.

AmerThermo® bags can be printed with up to 8 colors. Thanks to Amerplast’s high-quality tailor-made printing, we help our customers to stand out as well. AmerThermo® offers durable and cost-efficient media space for our customers to promote their brands. In addition to tailor-made customer products, we stock AmerThermo® bags in three sizes with standard printing.

Standard AmerThermo®  bags & sizes:

AmerThermo bag 450 x 440 (+ 85 closing)

AmerThermo flower bag small 350 x 510 (+ 80 closing)

AmerThermo flower bag large 430 x 530 (+70 closing)