Reclosable Amergrip® bio-based plastic bags


Choose the new sustainable Amergrip® Green PE bags for storaging and freezing

The new Amergrip® reclosable bags are uniquely made of sustainable Green PE. The green polyethylene is from renewable resources as the plastic is made of sugar cane.


The bags are durable, reclosable and they are made in Finland. Amergrip® bags are sold for consumers in retail stores in Finland. We also offer Amergrip®-bags for BtoB customers without printing, in big quantities and in special sizes. In consumer use Amergrip®-bags are ideal for freezing berries and storaging bulks. In B2B segment Amergrip®-bags can be used as storage, spare parts and selling small items.

Amergrip-bags have an unique closing grip that is designed to stand up opening and closing repeatly.

The plastic of Amergrip-bags is nature origin as the polyethylene is made of sugar cane, which is 100 % renewable. This Green PE acts just like conventional, oil-based plastic. After usage, the plastic can be recycled with normal plastic recycling streams or it can be burned. Amergrip’s plastic is from bio-based resources, but it is not compostable.

For Consumers:

Standard bags for consumers come in a range of six sizes: mini, 0.5 l, 1 l, 2 l, 4 l, and maxi. Bags are printed with a white, marker-friendly background for writing. Visit the Amergrip consumer web page.

Amergrip sizes

For B2B customers:

Amergrip-Stock bags

Standard bags come in a wide range of sizes:

Bags withouth printing:

70 x 100 (3000 pcs / box)
80 x 120 (3000 pcs / box)
100 x 130 (3000 pcs / box)
100 x 100 (3000 pcs / box)
100 x 150 (2000 pcs / box)
120 x 180 (2000 pcs / box)
150 x 200 (1000 pcs / box)
175 x 250 (1000 pcs / box)
200 x 250 (1000 pcs / box)
175 x 320 (1000 pcs / box)
230 x 320 (1000 pcs / box)
250 x 350 (1000 pcs / box)
300 x 400 (1000 pcs / box)


Bags with white printing

70 x 100 (3000 pcs / box)
100 x 150 (2000 pcs / box)
120 x 180 (2000 pcs / box)
150 x 250 (1000 pcs / box)
230 x 320 (1000 pcs / box)

Bags are suitable eg. for industrial product packaging or to be used in warehouses.

Amerplast also manufacture’s tailor-made bags. Contact us to find out more!

Amerplast Amergrip