Retail bags

Get consumers’ attention with sustainable products

Consumers are more and more aware of the environmental effects of plastic packaging. We take the sustainability challenge seriously. For example, we are reusing waste material from our own manufacturing sites as well as our customers, and we manufacture carrier bags containing more than 95% recycled materials.


Today’s consumers are facing countless products and brands on the store shelves. This makes it ever more important for packaging to stand out from the competition and grab consumers’ attention. Functionality forms a key part of what makes Amerplast’s retail packaging stand out – whether it be carrier bags, or our reclosable resealable AmerThermo® thermo or Amergrip® bags. All our retail packaging is extremely convenient  and reusable, thanks to their durability and high quality.

We work seamlessly with our customers throughout the value chain to ensure that deliveries arrive just when they are needed, every time. We pay close attention to offering fluency in our customer service and ordering routines.


All of our retail packaging has been awarded the Association of Finnish Work’s Key Flag – Avainlippu – for their contribution to promoting Finnish business, quality, and safety, and our commitment to social responsibility, a reliable supply chain and service.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we are continually working to produce ever-thinner bags with no compromise on quality. We prioritize taking environmental issues into account and aim to create high-quality retail packaging using minimal amounts of raw material, maximizing the use of recycled materials and by reusing our production waste. This gives us the possibility to offer a number of T-shirt bags produced from recycled materials for our customers.