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Amerplast Personal care

Ideal packaging for your personal care products

For us, personal care packaging means hygiene and product safety combined with convenience of the packaging and beautiful looks. Personal care products are mainly used from time to time and this often requires reclosability or other special features from the packaging. The visual look and feel of the packaging is also important for consumers, since they might carry the packaging in their hand bag or have it visible in their bathroom.


You can differentiate your product from your competitors by creatively combining different materials, coatings, and colors. For example, AmerSoft™ matt film gives the package a silky smooth texture. You can also create attractive campaigns with stickers and AmerPromo™ coding.

Feminine care and incontinence products


Our feminine care and incontinence product solutions are based on high-performance film and top-quality printing. High-performance polyethylene bags provide excellent customization potential for end-product packaging and ensure that our customers’ processes and high-speed packaging lines can operate at full capacity.


Reclosable solutions and number of special printing effects are available to ensure that your products stand out from the competition. Laser perforation can also be added to create easy-open packs.



We use laminated films for our wet wipe packaging to guarantee that moisture and fragrance are sealed in, and that products reach the customer in prime condition.

Depending on the application, we can offer a wide range of film combinations. Whatever film you choose, excellent sealing comes as standard – as does full compatibility with today’s high-speed automatic packaging lines.


Amerplast’s printing expertise ensures that your wipe packaging will always make the best impression. Our sandwich flexographic printing highlights images and protects packaging against techanical wear and tear and chemical damage.



Amerplast Personal care