Household products

Amerplast Household products

Stylish packaging that protects your products

Product properties such as fragrance and moisture need to be protected by household product packaging. Attracting the attention of consumers and giving them a review of what the product is used for is equally important. With our wide range of different material solutions and excellent printing quality, we provide our customers with packaging that cannot be ignored on the store shelf. Attractive packaging grabs consumers’ attention and has a great effect on your brand.


Amerplast offers a wide range of packaging solutions for household products, from films to ready-made bags. We manufacture packaging for household products such as wet wipes and cleaning products.

We use laminated films for our wet wipe packaging applications to guarantee that moisture and fragrance are sealed in, and that products reach the customer in prime condition.


Depending on the application, we can offer a wide range of film combinations. Whatever film you choose, excellent sealing comes as standard – as does full compatibility with today’s high-speed automatic packaging lines.


Amerplast’s printing expertise guarantees that your household product packaging will always make the best impression. Our sandwich flexographic printing highlights images and protects packaging against mechanical wear and tear and chemical damage.

You can differentiate your product from your competitors by creatively combining different materials, coatings, and colors. For example, AmerSoft™ matt film gives the package a silky smooth texture. You can also create attractive campaigns with stickers and AmerPromo™ coding.


When you are looking for a flexible and efficient way of packing your cleaning products, our all-in-one packaging solution AmerChain® is the perfect solution for care-free packing. With the AmerChain® solution, we offer not just the system packages, but also a modern system packaging machine.