Fresh produce

Amerplast Fresh produce

Food tastes better when it’s fresh

Using Amerplast’s fresh produce packaging to pack your crop, you can help consumers enjoy fruits and vegetables at their best. Important features of our fresh produce packaging are durability, breathability and product visibility combined with good-looking print. Like all our packaging, it also gives you numerous other advantages, including excellent runnability in your production and amazing looks. This makes your products stand out from the competition and known for their freshness and stylish outlook.

Our multilayer polyethylene bags are ideal for potatoes and vegetables, such as carrots, beetroot, and other root crops. Thanks to their multilayer composition, we have been able to make them thinner than bags produced from mono film, yet offer you better mechanical strength.


Good machinability comes as standard with these bags, as you can run them very easily and reliably on the latest packaging machines, both semi- and fully-automatic. Manual packing is also possible.


Our V-folded film, supplied as an open-ended continuous tube, is excellent for simplifying your packing process, as packing and sealing is carried out on one and the same machine – keeping your costs down as well.

Enhanced visibility with AmerNet™


AmerNet™ is a new packaging solution for fresh products like vegetables and fruits. It is a partly net-based material that enables good ventilating and displaying of the packed product. AmerNet™ is a combination of film and polyethylene-based net. The filmic part can be printed with hig- quality printing, which makes it possible to combine product visibility with your brand.



Enhanced shelf-life with microperforation

Fresh produce’s shelf life can be enchanced with packaging that has optimal permeability. Amerplast offers the new revolutionary Perfotec technique patented by PerfoTec BV for it’s customers bringing advanteges for retailers, consumers and environment.