Fresh food

Amerplast Fresh food

When freshness meets convenience

When choosing Amerplast’s packaging solutions for your fresh food products, you make sure that your products are fresh, tasty and conveniently packaged for your customers. We manufacture fresh food packaging of the highest quality to protect your products and make them stand out from the competition, grabbing the attention your products deserve on the store shelves. We achieve this by using the latest technologies and innovative solutions, combining them with excellent printing quality.

Our films and laminates are the perfect solution for packing fresh foods like poultry, fish, meat, sausages and convenience food. Thanks to the excellent barrier properties of our packaging materials, you can capture the delicious aroma of your food products and also maximize their shelf-life. Moreover, our amazing variety of materials, coatings, and colors make your packaging unique.


Our oxygen barrier film gives your packages excellent barrier properties, effectively preserving the flavors of your fresh food products. Furthermore they extend the shelf-life of your perishable products. Our versatile films and laminates can be used with protective gases and in vacuum packing.

Make your products attract the attention they deserve by utilizing different materials, colors and effects. Create a smooth surface that feels silky to the touch with our matt film or paper laminate.


Consumers look for convenience in packaging. Make your products easy to open with form-free laser perforation. To increase the usability of your convenience food packaging, we offer microwave valve solutions with perforated ventilation holes that keeps water inside the bag but opens easily when the packed product is heated and pressure inside the bag increases.