Dry food

Amerplast dry food

The right looks and strength for your dry food packaging

When you’re packing dried food, Amerplast has the ideal solutions for your needs. We can help you deliver packaging that looks good and still withstands rough handling during production and in the retail chain. Our dry food packaging meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. They will keep your dry food products crisp, flavorsome and delivered to consumers in perfect condition.


We customize all packaging according to the technical needs of your products without making any compromises on consumer convenience and attractive visuals.

Excellent quality and visuality


Our multilayer polyethylene film is ideal for packaging dry foods – providing high strength, light weight and excellent machinability. Optimised opacity prevents light from passing through. A high-gloss outer layer, combined with high-quality flexographic printing, also guarantees your packaging an attractive appearance.


Our solutions offer a wealth of opportunities in terms of visuals and surface effects, together with greater functionality in areas such as easy opening and closing, and perforation. Our laminated films are suitable for all types of vertical pack and flowpack machines fitted with heat sealers.


Thinner yet stronger


Greater stiffness and impact resistance means that film thicknesses can be down-gauged, which improves cost-efficiency and is better for the environment. However it still offers excellent protection against mechanical wear and tear and chemical damage. Sealability is also excellent, with industry-leading hot tack properties, which offer faster sealing at lower temperatures, and the possibility to use a wider sealing window.