Amerplast Beverages

Innovative solutions for the beverage industry

Amerplast manufactures innovative solutions for beverages and other liquids. Our wrap-around labels are suitable for large product runs as well as for special promotions and other limited runs. Our industry leading expertise in advanced printing solutions will make your products stand out clearly from the competition and communicate your brand to your customers. In addition to labels, we manufacture packaging for a wide range of liquid products. Our liquid packaging are lightweight, durable and designed to give the best protection and attractive look to your products.



Amerplast’s coextruded black-and-white polyethylene film is the answer when you need to pack liquid products. Our customers will benefit from its light weight, thanks to reduced film thickness, first-class mechanical strength, good machinability, and excellent printability. When packing liquids, you need to be able to rely on a strong sealing performance. This comes as standard with our film.


We achieve this by giving each layer a specific function. The black inner layer of the film provides high durability, excellent sealing qualities, and 100% protection from UV, to increase shelf life. The middle core layer is designed to prevent burn-through during the sealing process and helps protect the contents from sunlight. The final, outer layer has been fine-tuned to give excellent machinability and a glossy shine for high-quality printing.




Amerplast offers wrap-around labels for bottles used with liquid products, such as soft drinks, beer, juice, water, and detergents. These represent an excellent, cost-effective solution – compared to pressure-sensitive labels, for example – with very good recycling capacity.


Our OPP reel-fed labels offer high gloss and strong visuals, to maximize shelf impact, and good strength to resist tearing, moisture, and mold. You can choose from a complete range of clear, white, and metallized films for the best in transparency or high opacity.


We can also shrink-wrap our labels for contoured bottles to fit virtually any shape of bottle, jar, or container on a reel-fed line fitted with a shrink tunnel.