Amerplast Bakery

It’s all about keeping your bread fresh

Everybody loves the smell of fresh bread or the feeling of a perfectly crispy bread crust. Packaging is key when it comes to delivering baked goods to customers in perfect condition. Amerplast has years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality packaging for baked goods. Bakeries choose our packaging thanks to high-quality films, excellent printing quality and special features like campaign codes and reclosable solutions. All our bakery packaging products are manufactured with the highest hygiene standards in a BRC-certified factory.


Our bread packaging customers include the leading bakeries in Scandinavia and Central Europe. While most of our products are tailored according to our customers’ needs, we do have standard-sized stock products ready for customers seeking very quick delivery times.

Ready-made bags


Our polypropylene and polyethylene bags are thin-wall products, offering excellent mechanical strength and performance in the freezer, showing off products to their best advantage – thanks to their crystal-clear transparency and good quality printing.


The excellent resistance to high temperatures means that our bags can be sterilized easily as well, eliminating the need to use additional preservatives. Micro-perforation allows goods to be packed hot, guaranteeing a crispy crust.


All our bags are suitable for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic packaging lines. Manufactured specifically for different packaging machines, they help you enhance the overall cost-effectiveness of your packaging process.

Laminated solutions


Where a laminated film is preferred, as is often the case with frozen or pre-baked goods, we combine thin materials with excellent printing quality – to give you attractive, high-quality surfaces and excellent protection against wear and tear and chemical damage.