Food & Beverages packaging

The perfect complement for you products

The main purpose of food packaging is to protect the packaged products and preserve their freshness. Our solutions are specially designed to respond to the challenges of food packaging. Amerplast bags and film products are the perfect complement for beverages, bakery products, fresh, frozen and dry food, and dairy products.


Packaging does not only protect the product – it is also its most effective marketing media. We are experts in high-quality printing and creating packaging that stands out. Not only do our solutions look good on the shelf or in chilled cabinets, they also run excellently on your packaging machines, making them both consumer- and manufacturer-friendly. Hygiene and product safety are self-evident issues for us, and our factories manufacturing food packaging have BRC certification.

The food industry is a fast-moving one, which is why our R&D experts work hand-in-hand with your people in R&D or production – to deliver high-quality solutions, qualify new products and processes and provide up-to-the-minute support for production- and product-related issues.

We are very stringent in our processes to ensure a completely hygienic environment all the way from production to delivery. Comprehensive internal controls at our production plants are linked to our quality system every stage of the way. The clarifications of food compliance are available on request.

Amerplast Food&Beverages