Environmentally friendly Amergrip® now available in six sizes

Amergrip product family

26 Oct Environmentally friendly Amergrip® now available in six sizes

Amergrip® is a reclosable deep freeze and storage bag made from sugar cane based plastic. Sugar cane is a 100% renewable natural resource. As of this fall Finnish consumers can find these convenient and handy bags in six different sizes.

Amergrip bags made from sugar cane based polyethylene, so called Green PE, are significantly better for the environment compared to packaging made from traditional oil based polyethylene. Green PE is a byproduct of sugar production. Its production does not add to greenhouse gases but actually reduces CO2 emissions instead, and it can be recycled in existing recycling streams.


Amerplast introduced Amergrip bags early 2016 in three popular sizes, ½L, 1L and 2L. Now the product family is complete with bags available also in Mini, 4L and Maxi. Mini bags are often used for storing small household items or for packing of snacks, for example. 4 liter bags are convenient in cooking for marinating meat or fish or for deep freezing plaited bread. Maxi bags in turn are great for packing clothes for travel and for all kind of storage.


Amergrip bags are manufactured in Ikaalinen, Finland, and they have been granted the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish work. The plastic material has been approved for use in packaging that is in contact with food and it doesn’t for example contain Bisfenol A (BPA).


Amergrip bags are part of Amerplast’s mission to take a leading role in the transformation of the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business. Amerplast has developed the AmerGreen concept to provide its customers with sustainable packaging solutions that lead to a reduction of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, a reduction of food waste and a greater use of recycled material. Sugar cane based Amergrip bags are a good example of reducing CO2 emissions.