Supply chain

Amerplast supply chain

An efficient value chain

Working closely with our customers throughout the value chain is a key priority at Amerplast – from cutting-edge research and development and technical customer service through to highly- trained personnel, excellent quality, efficient logistics, and a comprehensive commitment to safety and the environment.

Amerplast’s supply chain includes operations from raw material purchasing to final deliveries to our customers. We are continuosly developing our processes to increase customer satisfaction by offering an efficient supply chain according to the customers’ needs. We can offer flexibility in customer service, smoothness in order and invoicing routines, and efficient capacity allocation and material planning. We employ close cooperation and cost-effective purchasing procedures with our key suppliers, which also benefits our customers.

We use joint development programs and audits with suppliers and other partners. They ensure an uninterrupted chain of high quality, safety, and environmental standards, and continuos improvements in all our operations. A BRC certification program ensures that all our hygiene and food packaging customers can depend on us to meet the most exacting standards in these areas.


Efficient supply chain logistics mean that guaranteed just-in-time deliveries and a range of warehousing options are also very much part of our offering.