Amerplast factories

Committed to the highest quality

We make use of the latest in extrusion, printing, lamination, and converting technology – and work with raw material and machine suppliers, as well as research institutes, to ensure that our solutions offer excellent performance and strength, usability in a wide range of machines, and top-quality printing. This enables us to help our customers speed up their production processes, minimize waste, and produce better products.




Amerplast produces plastic films using the blown film extrusion method, which is a method of film manufacture where the melted plastic materials are pressed through the round die and the plastic is drawn upwards by haul-off unit. The film cools down and becomes solid plastic film.


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Flexographic printing


Printing expertise has always been one of the key strengths of Amerplast, and this has been instrumental in giving our customers a true taste of what we mean when we talk about high quality. Our in-house prepress is an integrated part of our printing process and its demand. This brings flexibility and the best possible end result to our customer’s design.


Flexographic printing is a relief printing process technology, which is especially suitable for the printing of flexible packaging materials. This technology is also known as surface printing, because printing inks are deposited upon the surface of the printing plate using an engraved surface holding a specific amount of ink to be transferred to the substrate.


Amerplast makes use of the advantages of the off-line flexographic printing process with up to 10-colors. Retail carrier bags are also manufactured by using a highly efficient, high-output in-line method. These in-line machines combine extrusion and printing as a non-stop process. We also offer narrow-web printing with UV-flexo method.


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Amerplast is also an expert in lamination and produces multilayer laminated films for a range of product applications using a solvent-free process and high-quality adhesives. Our product development know-how covers the entire lamination process, and we can offer solutions for a wide variety of different customer requirements and packing facilities. Our lamination expertise gives packaging very attractive visuals, high-quality surfaces, and excellent protection against wear and tear and chemical damage. We can process a wide range of materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, EVOH, PET or paper.


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Amerplast offers customer-specific solutions manufactured specifically for different packaging machines. Converted packaging solutions include ready-made wicket bags for the packaging of food and hygiene products, such as fresh bread, sanitary towels or incontinence pads. Our bags are also customized according to the customer’s packaging lines and can be manufactured with or without handles. We are also able to offer reclosable bags for different packaging purposes. Amerplast’s retail carrier bags can be supplied with various handle solutions.


Our V-folded film, supplied as an open-ended continuous tube, is excellent for the packaging of tissue products or fresh food, such as potatoes and vegetables. It simplifies the packing process, as packing and sealing is carried out using one and the same machine – keeping costs down as well.


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Laser perforation


AmerLaser™ provides a wide range of solutions for laser scribing of laminates for easy-open features, laser perforation of films for easy-open and air release, and micro-perforation for controlled breathability. Any form of perforation can be realized. Partial scribing allows easy-open solutions for barrier packaging without affecting the barrier layer of the film. Packaging can now be opened easily and in a direction-controlled way.


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Recycling our own production plastic wastage


We manufacture carrier bags that contain more than 90% recycled materials. Part of this material comes from our own production plants. We are able to reuse all our PE production wastage thanks to our own regranulation system. This is one way of caring about our environment and reducing our production’s environmental impacts.


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