Amerplast Prepress

In-house Prepress

Amerplast’s Prepress service creates a unique opportunity to combine high-demand design with exclusive printing quality. Our experienced personnel with modern programs and equipment enable us to offer competitive prepress services.

Amerplast Prepress Pro


Amerplast Prepress Pro is a web-based service designed for our customers to manage and share their printing materials and to make data communications more efficient, secure and convenient. Amerplast Prepress Pro also includes details on Amerplast’s material requirements and instructions on how to produce an ideal design for flexoprinting.

We offer our customers different ways of transferring their printing materials to us. Materials can be sent via Amerplast Prepress Pro or by email: repro.tampere(at) We can also download materials from our customers’ own file management systems.


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You can now upload your printing materials more efficiently and securely to us by using the Amerplast Prepress Pro service.

Our expertise


  • printing materials for flexographic printing
  • sketches and templates
  • photo and design modifications
  • various proofing systems
  • mock-up packaging
  • plate manufacturing (digital)
  • consultation and know-how when planning and designing a new packaging solution, cooperation with leading repro houses
  • prepress process and flexographic printing training


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