Amerplast competencies

Expertise that makes the difference

High-quality packaging – combining the right materials, the right quality of printing, and the right overall solution – lies at the heart of our expertise, and the heart of your products’ success on the shelf, whether we are talking about multinational and regional brands, retail brands, or smaller applications.

Innovation and the latest know-how


Innovation is a key added value that we bring to the table, regardless of whether we are talking improved functionality in areas such as ease of use and reclosability, using thinner films, or going with the latest printing techniques. We collaborate with raw material and packaging machine suppliers, as well as research institutes. This ensures that our solutions offer excellent performance and strength, usability in a wide range of machines, and top quality printing. This enables us to help customers speed up their production processes, minimize waste, and produce better products.

Developing industry-leading expertise


Amerplast aims to deliver more added value by tailoring solutions to our customers’ needs and focusing on a cost-efficient value chain. We are investing in and developing industry-leading expertise. Our core competencies are based on professional personnel, cutting-edge research and development with high innovation capabilities, efficient supply chain and high quality.