Amerplast Sustainability

Sustainability is caring

Caring about the people


For us social responsibility means ethical business practices in all our operations as well as honouring and supporting globally accepted human and labour rights.


Our focus areas in social issues are quality and safety, employee well-being and professional development. We take occupational safety very seriously and our goal is zero work-related accidents. Amerplast’s occupational health care focuses on our personnel’s health and preventive actions.


We have a range of incentive and initiative systems designed to motivate and encourage people to develop their performance and our working environment. We believe in the importance of skilled, motivated personnel as the foundation of our operations.

Caring about the environment


As a result of rising environmental consciousness, discussions and campaigns, people’s interest in packaging reduction, recycling and biodegradable materials has increased. Despite all these actions and great coverage about the topics in the media, many are still uncertain and misinformed about the benefits of plastic packaging compared to alternative solutions.


The real value of plastic packaging is its incomparable capabilities to protect the supply chain of goods with minimum resources. An increasing use of lightweight flexible packaging reduces both the weight of transportation and the proportion of the packaged goods that are wasted – both of which reduce CO2 emissions. Packaging also safeguards our food from external contamination and the spread of microbes, for example.


Get Green with Amerplast


Amerplast launched its own environmental program in September 2013. The goal of the Get Green program is to pay even more attention to the environmental impacts of our operations and decrease them. The first actions of Get Green environmental program in our Tampere factory were reorganizing our waste disposal, updating the procedures and launching our own Get Green office program and instructions.


We will pay even more attention to the impact of our operations on the environment and climate as well as to the produced waste, the environmental friendliness of our offices and of our products.


Recycling our own production plastic wastage


We manufacture carrier bags that contain more than 90% recycled materials. Part of this material comes from our own production plants. We are able to re-use all our PE production wastage thanks to our own re-granulation system. This is one way of caring about our environment and reducing our productions environmental impacts.


The climate effects of shopping bags studied


Shopping bags have been a prominent topic of debate lately. Many countries have banned disposable bags or imposed a tax on them. According to the OPTIKASSI survey, published by Finnish Environment Institute and Lappeenranta University of Technology in January 2009, the environmental effects of the production, use and disposal of shopping bags are small compared with other areas of consumption.

According to the results, a plastic bag manufactured from recycled material is the best option from all the compared shopping bag alternatives – plastic bag of virgin material, paper bag, canvas bag and biodegradable plastic bag. Contrary to the prior studies, a canvas bag manufactured from cotton is not the best option due to high amount water and energy required in cotton production. This production method causes lots of greenhouse emissions. A biodegradable shopping bag was discovered to be the worst option.


Read more about the OPTIKASSI survey >>

Caring about the economic responsibility


For us economic responsibility means that we are profitable while providing value to our stakeholders. We also make our contribution to economic welfare. We operate according to European laws and regulations and good manufacturing practices.